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Tyndall Manchester

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Early results from the Energy Revolution Consortium

26 March 2020

Maria Sharmina and colleagues at the Universities of Edinburgh and Strathclyde have created a local energy business database, bringing together many sources of publicly available information.

The database contains around 700 energy businesses, including aggregator services, equipment (heat interface units) maintenance, supply of electricity for EV charging, and cooling. The authors have analysed the revenue sources, the debt-to-equity ratio, level of public subsidies and other financial indicators. For example, most of the businesses within the sample (421 out of 699) have only one revenue source, which is mainly sales of electricity to the grid (276 out of 421) using renewable sources and technologies, for instance, solar PV, wind or hydro.

wind farm

This new business and financial knowledge will support innovations for a more decentralised, clean, affordable, resilient and democratic, energy system in the UK.  Read more at the link below:

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