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Tyndall's Jaise Kuriakose presents on local carbon budgets at KMPG
22 May 2019
Jaise Kuriakose was an invited speaker at the CDP Spring Workshop at KPMG in London, presenting Tyndall work on local carbon budgets.

Tyndall's success at The University of Manchester's Making a Difference Awards 2019
22 May 2019
Research projects on local climate change targets, sustainable consumption and decarbonising electricity networks that Tyndall Manchester have been involved in were recognised in the Outstanding Benefit to Society category of this year’s Making a Difference Awards.

New Manchester Policy Blog on setting climate targets: when is net zero really net zero?
26 April 2019
Jaise Kuriakose, Clair Gough, James Mason and Brendan Moore from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research have recently written a blog addressing the ambiguity surrounding net zero terminology used in policy target setting.

Tyndall Manchester had a leading role at this year’s Greater Manchester Green Summit.
27 March 2019
Professor Carly McLachlan presented Tyndall’s work on setting carbon budgets for Greater Manchester at the event’s main session.

Tyndall PhD researcher, Angela Mae Minas, presented at the ASEAN Youth Engagement Summit
8 March 2019
The Summit was held in Manila, the Philippines on 20-23 February 2019.

Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid has led a study about life cycle assessment (LCA) of wastewater treatment (WWT) in developing countries, published in Water Research
20 February 2019
This work presents a comprehensive review with the aim of critically analysing the main conclusions, gaps and challenges on the topic.

Tyndall Green Impact success
29 January 2019
The Tyndall Centre Green Impact team receives a Gold Award for sustainability.

Visions for the future of community energy
25 January 2019
Researchers from the Tyndall Centre have crossed the UK in December and January, running workshops in Edinburgh, London and Cardiff to help create a bold vision for the longer term future of community energy.

Takeaway containers – the environmental cost of packing our favourite fast-foods
9 January 2019
A new study conducted by Dr Alejandro Gallego-Schmid estimates there are 2025 million takeaway containers per year being used in the European Union (EU) alone.

Tyndall researchers hosted climate chats at the Manchester Museum
17 October 2018
As part of Green Great Britain Week, Tyndall researchers (Dr Sarah Mander, Angela Mae Minas, Samira Garcia Freites, Velma Mukoro, and Chris Walsh) hosted a ‘Climate Chats’ stand in the Living Worlds section of Manchester Museum on October 16.

How can we remove micro-contaminants from wastewaters more environmentally?
4 October 2018
Scarcity of water and concerns about the ecotoxicity of micro-contaminants are driving an interest in the use of advanced tertiary processes in wastewater treatment plants.