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CAST Centre is launched in Cardiff
2 October 2019
Tyndall Centre researchers Claire Hoolohan, Sarah Mander, Carly McLachlan and Ruth Wood attended the launch of the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformations (CAST). The University of Manchester is a core partner in the Centre.

Chris Jones represented Tyndall at the Environmental Audit Committee oral evidence session on Net Zero Government.
25 October 2019
The Environmental Audit Committee’s enquiry into Net Zero Government is producing a report into the role of the UK Government’s estate in meeting the Net Zero by 2050 greenhouse gas emissions target.

Virtual participation at the MEMENTO workshop in Cuernavaca, Mexico
11 October 2019
John Broderick presented Tyndall Manchester research in the area of smart grids and electricity decarbonisation to the MEMENTO workshop in Cuernavaca, Mexico. This was a gathering of researchers, industrialist and government officials.

Dr Chris Jones discusses the role of investors in tackling climate change
16 October 2019
Knowledge Exchange Fellow Chris Jones took part in a panel discussion on climate change with BEIS Minister Kwasi Kwarteng at this year’s Conservative Party Conference.

New job available at Tyndall Manchester
16 October 2019
Tyndall Manchester are recruiting a Research Associate to join the EnergyREV Consortium. The post runs from 01/02/2020 until 31/03/2022, and the application deadline is 7 November.

‘Aha’ moments in the water-energy-food nexus: a new morphological scenario method to accelerate sustainable transformation
13 September 2019
Claire Hoolohan, Alice Larkin and Carly McLachlan (Tyndall Centre) have a new paper in Technological Forecasting and Social Change presenting a new method for creating nexus scenarios and evaluating their role in enabling “nexus thinking”.

Researching emissions from wood burning stoves
13 September 2019
Master's students from both the School of Engineering and the School of Natural Sciences have been investigating parameters influencing emissions from wood burning stoves.

New paper published on how shipping demand might change in response to global climate change mitigation and adaptation
14 June 2019
The paper by Sarah Mander, Maria Sharmina, Kevin Anderson, Alice Larkin and colleagues at UCL presents four contrasting scenarios of global maritime trade out to 2050, including high and low levels of global CO2 mitigation and associated climate impacts.

Visions for the future of community energy in the UK
26 June 2019
Tim Braunholtz-Speight of Tyndall Manchester launched ‘Visions for the future of community energy in the UK’, a new report from the UKERC Financing Community Energy research project, at the Community Energy England annual conference on June 22.

Claire Hoolohan and Alison Browne present at Defra and the Environment Agency workshop
14 June 2019
The invitation to contribute follows a decade-long engagement with the water sector that exemplifies how social science research can be used to provide alternatives ways of understanding and intervening in water demand.

Tyndall's Jaise Kuriakose presents on local carbon budgets at KPMG
22 May 2019
Jaise Kuriakose was an invited speaker at the CDP Spring Workshop at KPMG in London, presenting Tyndall work on local carbon budgets.

Tyndall's success at The University of Manchester's Making a Difference Awards 2019
22 May 2019
Research projects on local climate change targets, sustainable consumption and decarbonising electricity networks that Tyndall Manchester have been involved in were recognised in the Outstanding Benefit to Society category of this year’s Making a Difference Awards.

New Manchester Policy Blog on setting climate targets: when is net zero really net zero?
26 April 2019
Jaise Kuriakose, Clair Gough, James Mason and Brendan Moore from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research have recently written a blog addressing the ambiguity surrounding net zero terminology used in policy target setting.

Tyndall Manchester had a leading role at this year’s Greater Manchester Green Summit.
27 March 2019
Professor Carly McLachlan presented Tyndall’s work on setting carbon budgets for Greater Manchester at the event’s main session.

Tyndall PhD researcher, Angela Mae Minas, presented at the ASEAN Youth Engagement Summit
8 March 2019
The Summit was held in Manila, the Philippines on 20-23 February 2019.

Dr Alejandro Gallego Schmid has led a study about life cycle assessment (LCA) of wastewater treatment (WWT) in developing countries, published in Water Research
20 February 2019
This work presents a comprehensive review with the aim of critically analysing the main conclusions, gaps and challenges on the topic.

Tyndall Green Impact success
29 January 2019
The Tyndall Centre Green Impact team receives a Gold Award for sustainability.

Visions for the future of community energy
25 January 2019
Researchers from the Tyndall Centre have crossed the UK in December and January, running workshops in Edinburgh, London and Cardiff to help create a bold vision for the longer term future of community energy.

Takeaway containers – the environmental cost of packing our favourite fast-foods
9 January 2019
A new study conducted by Dr Alejandro Gallego-Schmid estimates there are 2025 million takeaway containers per year being used in the European Union (EU) alone.

Tyndall researchers hosted climate chats at the Manchester Museum
17 October 2018
As part of Green Great Britain Week, Tyndall researchers (Dr Sarah Mander, Angela Mae Minas, Samira Garcia Freites, Velma Mukoro, and Chris Walsh) hosted a ‘Climate Chats’ stand in the Living Worlds section of Manchester Museum on October 16.

How can we remove micro-contaminants from wastewaters more environmentally?
4 October 2018
Scarcity of water and concerns about the ecotoxicity of micro-contaminants are driving an interest in the use of advanced tertiary processes in wastewater treatment plants.

Tyndall researchers run dialogue session at British Institute for Energy Economics Biennial Conference
4 October 2018
As part of the Financing Community Energy project, Tyndall researchers Dr Tim Braunholtz-Speight and Dr Maria Sharmina convened a session at the British Institute for Energy Economics Biennial Conference in Oxford (September 18 – 19).

New book explores the potential for Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage to unlock negative emissions
12 September 2018
New book explores the potential for Biomass Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage to unlock negative emissions.

Tyndall at Bluedot 2018
29 July 2018
Tyndall engages with festival-goers on climate change, energy and sustainability at Bluedot 2018.

Tyndall hosts WEF nexus networking event and workshop
29 July 2018
More than 40 EPSRC-funded researchers on water-energy-food (WEF) nexus gathered for a networking event, hosted by Tyndall Manchester, on 9 July in London to discuss current research challenges and potential solutions.

Manchester Climate Change Conference 2018
29 July 2018
Dr Jaise Kuriakose presented the carbon emissions budget and pathways for the city of Manchester at the Manchester Climate Change Conference, held at the Royal Exchange Theatre on 17 July.

Kevin Anderson’s Swedish Carbon Cycle
29 July 2018
The Swedish Carbon Cycle was a two-wheeled journey around Sweden to help raise awareness and catalyse local climate action in Sweden – from citizen engagement to revising the climate and energy strategies of municipalities.

Tyndall Manchester at the Community Energy England Conference 2018
25 June 2018
Dr Carly McLachlan and Dr Tim Braunholtz-Speight presented the latest research from Financing Community Energy, a project led by Tyndall Manchester as part of the UK Energy Research Council’s research programme, at the 2018 Community Energy England conference.

PhD researcher Samira Garcia attended the 7th International Workshop: Advances in Cleaner Production in Barranquilla, Colombia during in June.
21 June 2018
This workshop was organised by the Advances in Cleaner Production Network (ACPN), bringing together universities, research centres and industry to generate discussion and knowledge transfer on technologies, concepts and policies focused on Cleaner Production.

Tyndall host dialogue session at International Sustainability Transitions Conference
14 June 2018
Researchers from Tyndall Manchester hosted a dialogue session at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference on 13 June 2018.

MACE research on negative emissions in Energy Spotlight
25 May 2018
In a New Statesman spotlight on energy, Dr Clair Gough talks about the Tyndall Centre’s research into biomass energy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) and the use of negative emissions to mitigate against the effects of climate change.

The shipping sector needs an environmentally sound fuel for the future – but which one?
28 April 2018
Tyndall Manchester, alongside researchers at Newcastle University have explored the environmental impacts of alternative fuels in the shipping sector.

New Tyndall Manchester report: Quantifying the implications of the Paris Agreement for Greater Manchester
30 March 2018
Tyndall Manchester have calculated a carbon budget for Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester Mayor's Green Summit
31 March 2018
Tyndall academics made a major contribution to the Greater Manchester Mayor's Green Summit.

Local year 9 students hear about climate and energy from Dr Rachel Freeman
29 March 2018
Dr Rachel Freeman gave a talk to around 100 year 9 students at Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton, as part of an energy awareness week.

New publication
28 March 2018
'Determining the Consequential Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Increased Rooftop Photovoltaic Deployment' published in the Journal of Cleaner Production.

RISE Award for Tyndall Researcher
23 February 2018
Claire Hoolohan, Research Associate at the Tyndall Centre, was among recipients of the EPSRC RISE Connector awards, hosted at City Hall Westminster on the 1 February 2018.

ESRC IAA fund further development of behaviour change toolkit
24 February 2018
Claire Hoolohan, Research Associate at the Tyndall Centre, is named researcher on a recently awarded ESRC Impact Accelerator Account to further develop the findings from her PhD, along with those of colleagues in SEED and the University of Sheffield.

Supergen Bioenergy Hub and Anaerobic Digestion Network workshop
25 February 2018
Supergen Bioenergy Hub and Anaerobic Digestion Network workshop on 6 February.

Tyndall Centre researchers at the International Transport Analysis Conference
26 February 2018
Event hosted by hosted by the Department for Transport.

Kevin Anderson in conversation about climate change in Sweden
27 February 2018
As part of his Zennström fellowship in Climate Change Leadership at Uppsala University, Professor Kevin Anderson recently led a debate on Climate Change and Economic Growth with Swedish economists and parliamentarians.

Tyndall holds PhD Listening Event for Manchester Mayor’s Green Summit
28 February 2018
On 19 February, 40 PhD researchers across the University gathered for a Green Summit Listening Event to share their ideas and suggest policy action on how to make Greater Manchester carbon-neutral.

Long term strategies to decarbonise aviation
30 January 2018
As with all sectors, aviation needs to decarbonise to ensure the Paris climate goals are reached.

Circular economy business models in ICT service companies
31 January 2018
Graeme Heyes and Maria Sharmina have published a paper finding that service companies can play an instrumental role in ‘circular economy’ due to their strategic position between manufacturers and end-users.

Waste wood as bioenergy feedstock
28 January 2018
Climate change impacts and related emission uncertainties from waste wood based energy systems in the UK.