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Tyndall Manchester

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New episode of Tyndall Talks podcast on shipping and aviation

25 February 2021

James Mason and Charlotte Brown interview the Head of the School of Engineering, Professor Alice Larkin about her research on shipping and aviation and how to reduce emissions in these sectors

ship and aircraft

In the second episode of a five-part Tyndall Manchester series, Alice provides an engaging insight into how sails could be the technology of the future for ships, whether it’s worse to fly during the day or at night, and whether carbon offsetting is as good for the planet as we think. Alice also talks about her insights on being a woman in science, drawing from her personal experiences in scientific subjects and her current position as the Head of the School of Engineering.

The episode draws back the curtain to provide an engaging view into the Tyndall Centre’s world-class research on shipping and aviation.

Listen to the full podcast:

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