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Tyndall Manchester

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Dr Angela Minas wins British Academy ODA International Interdisciplinary Research Grant

2 May 2024

The project, Ahon: Stories and imaginaries of resilience and progress in a changing climate, will draw on insights from the Philippines to offer a counter-narrative to ‘Northern’ dominated understandings of climate resilient development. Dr Angela Minas will be Principal Investigator to an exciting partnership with fellow Filipino researchers based in the University of the Philippines Tacloban, Lingnan University in Hong Kong, and Sydney Environment Institute in Sydney University in Australia.

The concept of climate resilient development is gaining traction in science and policy domains as the world attempts to transition away from carbon-intensive and highly inequitable development pathways. However, climate resilient development pathways continue to be framed and understood based on ‘Global North’ or Eurocentric paradigms, marginalising the perspectives and lived experiences of communities in the ‘Global South’.

This project aims to create spaces for local and grassroots perspectives to emerge by reviewing oral histories and digital narratives, and complementing these with a series of participatory activities such as storytelling and collaborative workshops with community members in the Philippines to understand how people’s aspirations of ‘a good life’ can inform climate resilient development pathways.

This is a two-year project from 2024-2026.

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